building an interactive, real-time, open-source music visualizer nodumi ()
architecting a simple, efficient graphics engine meikyuu (private repo)
teaching STEM to high-school students @ valkyrie robotics
on campus (F22) @ UCSB


only time will tell :-)


nodumi [] interactive MIDI visualizer C/C++
dynamic sheet music generation from prerecorded music pieces
color palette generation through k-means clustering
real-time music visualization from live MIDI input
meikyuu [] modular graphics engine C/C++/GLSL
implementation of runtime-configurable gaussian/kawase blur shaders
simulation of 3D volumetric fog through performant 2D shader design
robust adjacency detection algorithms for tile-based mazes
dz60arrow [] custom 60% keyboard layout C
specialized keyboard layout and firmware using QMK
logq [] variadic template-based logging C++
simple, fast variadic logging framework